In today's culture the statement "going
green" has become a common phrase
heard every day.
Unfortunately very few people
understand what this phrase really
means, and they have no grasp of the
concept beyond what mainstream
media reports.
Going Green is not a new idea,
actually it is as old as mankind.  
Ancient man understood their
environment, and tried to live in
harmony with it, and the Native
American's have a rich history of
understanding and co-existing with
their environment both physically and
It was the so called educated man that
came up with the idea the environment
is there to be exploited, they even
believed that God gave them the right.  
The Manifest Destiny of educated man
was to take what God had given them,
and improve upon it.  

Today, people such as Al Gore and
his friends work through the media to
promote their ideas and  they claim to
be the creators of "Going Green" and
saving the planet.  They promote the
idea of Global Warming and have
created a situation that gives them
both political and financial benefits, but
what have they done for the planet?
It is a matter of public record that Al
Gore's own home uses 20 times the
National Average of energy
consumption.  Not only that but he
uses Natural Gas, a petroleum product
to energize his home.
Obviously he does not practice what
he preaches, yet he has been
awarded an Academy Award, and a
Nobel Prize.  
This Political Hypocrisy and Smoke &
Mirrors journalism is the real threat to
our environment, and our planet as a
whole.  As  long as people continue to
listen too them the problem will
continue to worsen.
What people should really be doing is
listening to our Elders.  If you really
want to "Go Green", one of the first
things you should do is to live a simple
This "Going Green" section of my
website will discuss and show some
ideas on how just about anyone can
live a life that is rich in pleasure and
comfort, but has as little impact as
possible on our environment.

I hope you enjoy this section, and
please contact me with your opinions,
suggestions, and thoughts.
On the left you see a picture of just
one variety of
Prickly Pear Cactus
that grows in Texas.  It is not by
accident that I include a picture of this
cactus at the beginning of this page,
because this one plant, epitomizes the
"simple life" attitude.
Mesquite, this word
conjures up thoughts of
Smoky summer BB-Q's for
many people, and to many
West Texas ranchers it
means thick scrub brush
with long dagger like thorns
capable of puncturing
through thick leather
gloves, boots, and clothing.
To many Natives however,
the Mesquite tree was a
source of food, and
provided other resources
as well.  To read more
about the under
appreciated Mesquite, click
*Try my Mesquite Bean
Jelly recipe, it tastes like
Click here to read more about
this multi-use plant
A great website full of valuable
information.  The original guide for
living wisely.
Mother Earth News
Click here to Learn
about the amazing
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Solar panels
Wind turbines

I hear so much about this topic
these days, but seldom do I
ever hear the real truth.

A large portion of the
population has done the math,
looked at their energy
consumption, priced out the
alternative energy system, and
found it economically
So with this realization, who in
their right minds would use
alternative energy?
At this time it seems there are
two basic groups of people
who are utilizing alternative
power, ie solar and wind
The first group are the "Green"
minded individuals with lots of
money. This group is so
determined to save the planet,
that they don't mind paying  
what ever it costs for
alternative energy.
The second group are the
hardcore, independent minded
individuals, who wish to live a
simple life of self sufficiency.
These people will set up a
home using a modest
alternative energy system, and
through conservation of
energy, they utilize every Watt
of energy produced to its
I have read a lot of material on
the subject of alternative
energy over the years.  It was
back in the late 1970's that I
really began researching the
topic in earnest, and not until
recently did I have the
epiphany, the missing link of
how to make alternative
energy more practical for
The solution is really simple,
so read on by clicking the
following "Link" which will
take you to my Solar and Wind
Power page.
On this page I will outline a
simple and efficient way to
utilize alternative energy, then
explain how you can build
your own solar panels and
wind turbine.
If you are serious about setting
up a solar or wind system,
then this is the formula for
making it happen.
Solar & Wind Page- click
here for info.
Just a word of
warning, the
for how to
build solar
panels and
wind turbines
is on here for
FREE, on a
limited time
basis.  Very
shortly It will
be a pay per
view page so I
can help off
set my costs.
This page is
currently under
construction, so
please be patient
and check back
If you just can't
wait, feel free to
email me with your
questions or

Organic Gardening

I believe that everyone
should have either a
personal garden, or
participate in a
community garden.  I
feel a great sense of
accomplishment when
my family is eating
food that I have grown
myself, and I know it is
safe, and full of
nutrients instead of
chemicals and poisons.
Also, with the price of
fresh vegetables going
up every day, you can
maintain a healthy diet
without breaking the
bank.  Click on the link
below to get a
description of a "No
Dig Garden", details of
set up, pros and cons,
and the story of my  
organic garden
Click here for
home garden
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