Harley Davidson
America's favorite motorcycle has played a part in my family's life for many years.  One of my father's greatest joys
was riding his bike, and enjoying the brotherhood of fellow bikers out there on the road.  A few years ago he lost his
life in a motorcycle accident.  He was taken away earlier then we ever would have expected, and he will be sorely
missed by a lot of people who were touched by him, but if there is one bright side to his passing, it is that he went
out sitting straight up on his bike, wind in his hair, doing one of the things that he loved to do.  When our time
comes, and it comes for everyone, we should all be lucky enough to go out with a smile on our face, doing what we
I currently ride a 1999 Harley Dyna Low Rider.  A beautiful yellow and bronze bike with just enough
chrome to make it shine, but not so much that it would blind you on a sunny day.  I know what your
thinking, "yellow and bronze?" Well I never would have envisioned myself on a yellow bike either, but
the day I saw her sitting on that lot in Austin Texas, my immediate thought was "That's a good looking
bike!"  Alright, take a look for yourself, and you decide.  Just click on the link below to check it out.  I
could have purchased one of the many new style Harley Davidson bikes available, but my heart still
lies with the more traditional bike. I was really looking for a truly old style bike, but I just couldn't find
anything that fit the bill.  Today's popular idea of a great bike leans towards the"Orange County
Chopper" style bike.  This T.V. show has really boosted the biker image to new heights in my opinion.  
Everywhere I look now, all I see are these slick, streamlined choppers, and just about every time I
found an older bike, someone had chopped it into one of these "OCC" style bikes.  I think they are
beautiful, but I wouldn't want to ride one myself.  Alright, enough rambling on.  You probably found
this sight while web surfing for bikes, so here you go.  Check out the pictures, and have a good time!!!
2006 River City Bike Fest!
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Orange County Choppers built a special Edition chopper to
introduce the new Lincoln Mark LT pickup truck.  Lincoln had the
bike touring around San Antonio one weekend, and I took these
pictures.  Click on the image to enlarge the photo.
Here is my "Spirit" bike.
Click on the image for a
larger photo.  
2007 River City Bike Fest
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2008 River City Bike Fest!
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