The Homesteading Experience
An attempt at establishing a self sustaining homestead.
The property:  Approximately 1800 square foot doublewide trailer with 3
bedrooms, and two full baths.  Connected to the trailer is a double carport, with
two workshops connected to the rear.  Behind these workshops is a second two
story building with a large shop area on the ground floor and a small apartment
on the second floor.  The carport shops and two story shop are connected by a
gabled roof.  The dwellings sit on approximately 1.7 acres of flat land with a
water well and septic system, and is located outside the city limits.  
To the Left is a photo of the
house and carport with a
good view of the driveway.

To the Right is a better
view of the front of the
house.  A small covered
patio has been added on
the front along with some
basic landscaping.  The
front yard has two small
maple trees aprox. 1" in
The photo on the Left is a
corner view of the house.
Notice the wood panel
skirting around the front of
the house.
The photo on the Right is a
shot of the West property
line.  It runs from the utility
pole in the foreground
straight back to a Railroad
The photo on the Left is a
side view of the backyard.
A 4' chain link fence
encompasses the backyard
To the Right is a better
view of the backyard.  
Notice the large covered
deck on the back of the
house that connects to the
The photo on the Left is a
side view of the shops and
upstairs apartment.

The photo on the Right is a
view from the West rear
corner of the house looking
towards the rear of the
property.  The property ends
at the tree line seen in the
The photo on the Left is a
closer view from the back of
the two story shop and

To the Right you can see a
better picture of the covered
area between the two shop
Beginning scenario:  The property has not been occupied as a residence for approximately one year.
The most recent past residents did not take care of the place at all, and allowed it to fall into disrepair.
The past residents also had numerous pets (dogs and cats) which they kept in the home and allowed
to urinate and defecate at will with little if any clean up.  After the past residents moved out, they left
many of their possessions behind, and the house became a storage facility.

In regards to the shop areas.  One side of the front shop was being utilized as a leather shop and
ammo reloading area.  This area was maintained in a working condition, and was still being utilized up
until current time.  The Left side of the front shop was being used as additional storage space by the
previous residents.  In the back two story shop, a past resident lived in the apartment area on the
second floor and this area was kept clean and maintained.  The resident in the apartment also utilized
the ground floor of the building as a workshop in which he worked on computers and radio controlled
airplanes, so this area too was maintained to some degree.

The first step of establishing this homestead is to get the house cleaned up and repaired to a livable
state.  In it's current condition the house is not fit for human habitation.   Below are some pictures of
the inside of the house.
experience continued