Seminole Indian Scout Cemetery
Bracketville Texas
Photo credits for the Seminole Indian Scout Cemetery go to David Thorn, and
Coming Soon!  A little known part of Texas history is that the
U.S. Calvary enlisted the help of the Seminole Indians who
lived in the area of Bracketville Texas.  At first this band of
Seminoles moved freely between Texas and Mexico. The U.S.
Calvary, in an attempt to curb the "Indian Problem" in Texas,
decided to quit fighting the Seminoles, and enlist their aid in
fighting the other Indian bands who were operating in and
around the same area.  Since the other Indian bands were
enemies of the Seminoles they agreed to a treaty with the
U.S., and many of the men became Calvary Scouts.  The
Indian Scout Cemetery located just outside of Bracketville
Texas, is the final resting place for many of these men.  As a
special note, three of the Seminole Indians buried in this
cemetery were awarded this Governments highest award for
their service, the Congressional Medal of Honor.
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