Native American Style Crafts
All items on this page are handcrafted by David Thorn.  All items are created with a pure heart, and an
open mind.  Many items have been smudged, and handled in an honorable way.
If anyone is interested in any of the items on this page, or is interested in having something crafted
particularly for you, please feel free to contact me.
David Thorn is not affiliated with any particular Native American tribe.  Through oral histories it has
been passed on to the family, that several of our ancestors were of Native American decent.  At this
time no hard evidence exists to prove this suggestion, but the search continues.  In reference to the
crafts on this page, great effort is given to learning, and being true to any Native American
techniques used in the creation of these items.  These items are not artifacts, nor are they duplicates
or replicas.  Each item is unique and the sole creation of the artist.
Look, my own little peyote garden!  Not really, they are all
This necklace is made of Mescal
beans, Turquoise beads, Buckeyes,
and Mexican buckeyes.  Each one of
these items holds a special place in
Native American Folklore.
The four items above are made of ceramic, handcrafted, hand
painted, and fired.  They represent a Bear paw, Eagle Feather,
Wolf paw, and dragonfly.  Each one has a hole through the
back for easy stringing on a necklace or pendant.
This is one of my works in progress.  It is a basket
made from the fibers of a yucca cactus.  I use a
mesquite thorn to strip the fiber from the yucca
cactus, then it is woven into cordage, which is then
woven into what you see here.  The basket is made
from one long piece of cordage, there are no knots!
To the right, is another of my works currently in progress.  In this
picture you can see the homemade loom that I constructed from
scraps I had around the house.  When it is finished it will be a hat band
for myself.  It is suppose to represent wolf tracks, traveling through hail
stones.  For the finiched product, look at the bottom of the page.
The Water Bird
The finished hat band.