An educated professional who believes in continued education; he has extensive experience in
management and business administration plus a history of taking numerous corporations from
inception to profitable operation. He attributes his success at problem solving to his ability to listen,
research skills, creativity, flexibility, and the willingness to make tough decisions.  Approaching every
problem with a logical scientific method of thinking he works well alone, but can also be a strong team
member due to his organizational abilities and objectivity.  You can depend on him to continue his
record of success whether in starting new businesses, assessing risk management concerns,
security, P & L issues, or sales and marketing.


Logic/Scientific Thinking        Examine Data/Objects        Information Interpretation
Problem Solving        Classify Data/Objects        Risk Management
Business Start Ups        Security        Safety Training
Credit /Collections        Sales & Marketing Support        Marketing Promotions
Prospecting/Lead Development        P&L Responsibility        Customer Service & Support


·        Combined 2 insurance policies (the 1st policy had a $1K deductible and a $25K maximum, the 2nd
policy had a $25K deductible and a $3M maximum).  Results: achieved competitive advantage over
larger, more established Security & Investigation companies that carried liability insurance in the
amount of $1M.
·        Started Hospital Service Corporation in order to offer inexpensive health & dental coverage for
employees at 2 businesses.  Results:  met with the State Board of Insurance, worked out the details
for me to be approved for licensing ( the second person to ever put together a Hospital Service
Corporation in the State of Texas), obtained underwriting for the benefits programs, negotiated a deal
with the insurance underwriter to hire my company to be the third party administrator for the program,
in essence for every $100 in premiums collected my company kept $75 for administration fees, offered
a great benefits plan to employees at greatly reduced costs, generated revenue for the company.
·        Investigated ways to provide/Established a 125 Cafeteria Insurance Program.  Results: covered
previously uninsured employees, enabled the insurance premiums to be deducted from the
employees’ pre-tax dollars, lowered their taxable income, increased the employees take home pay.      
·        Met with a large corporate client/Negotiated a contract in which they would put me on a retainer
of $2K per month for one year; then, offered the company a deal for $20K. paid in advance, I would
consider the retainer part of the contract paid in full for the year, offering the company a savings of
$4K.  Results: company agreed to the terms and paid me the $20K up front, which gave me the needed
capital to obtain and furnish a professional office giving company more visibility, more legitimacy,
increased revenues.
·        Recognized how an employee leasing company’s program could greatly benefit the Security and
Investigations industry.  Results: met with the State Board which regulates the Security and
Investigations industry, obtained licensing for an employee leasing company ( the first and only time
an employee leasing company had ever been licensed by this board), lowered rates for employee
liability and workers’ compensation insurance and attained licensing for security and Investigations’
company employees employed by the Leasing company.  

·        Identified a trend developing among small security and investigation companies to start up and
go out of business within 1 or 2 years.  Results:  since technically the employees of these companies
were under my license I began approaching the clients who decided to close their business, and
purchased their contracts so I could keep my employees working, established two licensed security
companies to service the contracts, cut operations costs almost in half.
·        Negotiated deal to purchase Security Contracts and Canine Service Contracts from the only
Security Company in the State offering man/canine security teams that was going out of business due
to IRS issues which resulted in the IRS confiscating the canines.  Results:  created a licensed security
company that was also licensed to provide canine services, purchased land, had a kennel facility
constructed that would house approximately 100 animals, located and acquired enough capable
canines to service the Guard Dog clients, as well as the Man/Canine service, employed several
trainers and began training my own canines as well as offering trained canines for sale trained in
obedience, drug & bomb detection, as well as for personal protection, and offered training services
to the public.
·        Located cleaning, disinfectant product that replaced 4 others.  Results: reduced monthly supply
costs at a TX State Park from $55 to $15, attained superior results, saved time.


U.S. Army Corp of Engineers             Freeport, TX                            2010 to Present

   Lock and Dam Operator
Fieldstone Homes, Inc                        San Antonio, TX                        2007 to May, 2008
  Sales Counselor
Fiesta Auto Center                        San Antonio, TX                        2005 to 2007
  Sales Consultant
Texas Parks and Wildlife                Burnet, TX                                1999 to 2004
  Park Specialist, Peace Officer, Lead Ranger
Geren Enterprises Inc.,                 Angleton & San Antonio, TX                1987 to 1999
Regional Investigations & Consultants Inc.,
Rio Investigations Inc.,
K9 International Inc.,
Guard Administration Inc.,
Guard America Inc.,
Security Risk Management Inc.
Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office                Angleton, TX                                Prior to 1987


UTSA                                        San Antonio, TX                        2000 to 2003
  B.A., Anthropology, Magna Cum Laude
Brazosport College                        Lake Jackson, TX                        1980 to 1987
Graduate Police Academy, 100 hrs. Business & Liberal Arts,
500 hrs. Management, Security, and Law Enforcement
The Fashion and Art Institute         Dallas, TX                                1981 to 1982
150 hrs. Commercial Art Scholarship

Numerous Certifications and Awards Available on Request