Animals and Insects
The following pictures are a few interesting photos I took of animals, insects, and reptiles.
I hope you enjoy!
I thought this series of
photos was pretty special!
It was approximately 1:00
AM in the morning when I
spotted this cicada
escaping from his larva
casing.  As a kid I always
found the empty casings
on houses, trees, sheds,
etc., but I had never
actually watched the
transformation before.  It
was really amazing!  
To the left is a
Texas spiny
lizard.  It has
been living on
the side of a
structure for the
past year.
The above photos of are what I believe is called a "Goliath Beetle".  The one on the left is a Male, and the two on
the right represent a female.  I collected these in the Burnet Texas area, which is part of the Central Texas Hill
Country.  I found these specimens within a one week period, and in 6 years in the area, have not seen any other
examples of this beetle.
Pretty cool caterpillar don't you think ?
To the left you see a yellow jacket feeding on a large tomato
worm.  Every evening when I harvest vegetables from my
organic garden, I am careful to examine the plants for any
signs of infestations or disease.  Periodically I have found
tomato worms on my tomato plants, and my solution to this
problem is that I simply remove them by hand and kill them.
On this particular evening I noticed several yellow jackets
flying in and out of one of my tomato plants.  Of course my
first thought was that they were building a nest inside the
plant, so I took a closer look so I could remove it before it
became a problem.  To my surprise, upon looking into the
area where the yellow jackets where going I saw what you are
seeing in the photograph.  There was a large tomato worm
hanging underneath a leaf, and the worm had a large hole in
his side.  The yellow jackets were flying back and forth
removing large chunks of the worm and carrying it off.
Mother nature never fails to surprise me.  When everything is
in harmony, mother nature has her own set of checks and
If you look to the right, you
will see the Monster Grub
Worms I found in my
garden a couple of years
ago.  You can read the
whole story on my
gardening page if you like.  
You can also click on the
grub worm photos to
enlarge them for a better