Native American style bead work.  A homemade loom was used to construct the above pattern using seed beads.
Hello, and welcome to Littlewolf Anthropology!
My name is David L. Thorn, and this site is created so that I can share my experience,
thoughts and dreams with the people of the world.  I encourage you to spend a little time
exploring and reading the pages of this site.  Hopefully the things you see here will solicit an
emotional response, and you will feel motivated to contact me with your feedback.  Since the
dawn of language, mankind has passed on knowledge through the telling of stories, and this
website is my story.  

In this site you can find a wide variety of
topics.  I have included some of my
writings, which cover a range of subjects.  
There is a broad assortment of
photographs that I have taken.
One area that I hope everyone will take a
look at has to do with things I have
created.  I have included some of my
paintings, drawings, pen and inks, etc. I
have been creating things my whole life,
and have never limited myself to any one
media.  I love watercolors, and pen & Ink,
but I get these moods or ideas that take
me in many different directions.
Recently I have been working with a lot of
Native American concepts.  I have been
playing with different beading projects
using Native American  techniques, and
one of my favorite recent projects has to
do with basket weaving.  I had the honor
of being taught a method of cord making
that utilizes fibers of the Yucca cactus.  
Once you have the cordage, you can
weave baskets, make snares, tie things
together, etc.  I was told it was an Apache
survival technique, one that has been
long forgotten by most, but I have not
personally confirmed this.  Regardless, it
is a unique craft that I strive to educate
people about whenever possible.  Another
media I have been working a lot with
recently is ceramics.  I have been making
small ceramic items, mainly as ornaments,
and tokens, some incorporated with
crystals and polished stones.  
I hope you enjoy looking at examples of
my work, and if you are interested in
possibly purchasing any of my works,
please feel free to contact me.  Most of
my works are currently being enjoyed by
persons all over the United States, so this
site is only a small example of what I do,
so let me know what you think, or if you
are looking for something in particular.
Lastly, I have included my credentials in
this web page.
My basic resume, as well as an outline of
my experience.  I believe I offer a unique
package of experience, skills, and
education, that can be constructive and
profitable for any business or venture.  If
you feel that I can be of assistance, either
in services offered, or merely as a
consultant, I would be very interested in
speaking with you.  

Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope
to hear from you!
David Thorn.
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This website touches on so many different
topics that I had to find a way to organize
everything for easy viewing.  

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collection of buttons, and each button will
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Please spend some time exploring the
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Littlewolf Seasoning
Two varieties:  All Purpose and "Spanish bite"
All purpose enhances the flavor of everything
you put it on, meat, poultry, or vegetables. For a
little more kick try the "Spanish bite".
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