Knives by David Thorn
The knives that appear on this page were created using raw materials, and a freehand style.  Each one is unique and original, and
since each one is created freehand, each one is a "one of a kind" item.  I learned my craft from  Mr. Ed Carr of Brazoria Texas.  
Unfortunately,  I have not been able to work at my knife making craft in a number of years, due to a lack of space and equipment.  I
am working very hard to get my shop up and running again in the near future, and with any luck I will be back to creating beautiful
and utilitarian knives soon.
Each knife is made not only to be visually appealing, but to be utilized as well.  They are sharpened to a razor edge, and with proper
care will last indefinitely.
I have made a large number of knives over the years, and all but these few have been either purchased, given away as gifts, or
donated to a worthy cause.  If you are an owner of one of my knives, I would be excited to hear how my knife is performing for you.  
My knives are identified by a simple "T" stamped on the blade close to the hilt.
This knife if made of 440 stainless steel, with a full tang.  The hilt is made of
brass, and the handle is a fake ivory material.  A rope pattern was filed on
the spine of the blade, and a Knight chess piece was carved into the
handle.  I currently have this knife displayed as you see it.  The base is
wooden, and covered in green felt to simulate a card table. The playing
hand visible is "Aces and eights" known to most card players as "The dead
man's hand".  Rumor is that this was the hand held by "Wild Bill " when he
was shot dead.  These playing cards are from an old set I found years ago,
and they featured W. C. Fields.  I thought the text on the Ace was
appropriate to this scene, it reads: "Anything worth having, is worth
cheating for".
This knife is made of 440 stainless steel, with a half tang.  A piece of all thread material is
welded to the knife tang about half way into the handle, and the butt piece is screwed
onto the all thread to give the handle strength.  The knife is a "full cape" style with a gut
hook cut into the top.  File work was done on the spine of the blade to achieve friction
for placement of the thumb.  The hilt and butt plate are of brass, and the handle is ivory
and Impala horn.  This piece is displayed in a custom box made of mesquite wood.  I
hand crafted the box from three pieces of wood, and inlaid it with a velvet material.
This knife is made of 440 stainless steel.  It is a full tang handle, and the handle material is secured
with brass screws.  The hilt is made of brass, and the handle is made of Buffalo horn
This knife is made of 440 stainless steel.  It is a full tang handle.  The blade has a "rope" pattern filed
onto the spine of the blade from the hilt to about the midway point.  This particular knife was made
for my father, in thanks for his hard work as a leather craftsman.  My father provided most of the
sheaths for the knives created by myself and Mr. Ed Carr.  This particular knife was a joint effort by
Mr. Ed Carr and myself.  I created the blade, and Mr. Carr created the intricate handle.  The hilt and
butt piece are made of nickel, and the handle is a black pearl material.
The sheath is an example of my father's skill with leather.  He created this sheath for himself, and
wore it proudly at many "Gun and Knife" shows around Texas.  Though this knife is definitely
beautiful to look at, I assure you the blade is razor sharp from hilt to tip!  This particular knife bares
the maker's mark of David Thorn on one side of the blade, and the maker's mark of Ed Carr on the
Upon my father's death in 2004, my mother returned this knife to me for safe keeping.