David Thorn's Work Skills
1.        Professional electrician (residential & commercial).

2.        Professional painter (residential & commercial).

3.        Professional plumber (residential & commercial).

4.        Professional carpenter and cabinet maker.

5.        Custom knife maker.

6.        Professional artist:  Artist accomplishments:

      Fine Art Scholarship – Brazosport College.
     1st place Brazosport Art Guild, Watercolor painting.
      Honorable mention, Houston Livestock show and Rodeo Art
      2nd & 4th place Brazoria County Fair, pen & ink drawing.
     Experienced in various media:  Pencil, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Pastel,  
     Acrylic, pottery, ceramics, woodcarving, leather craft, crafts, Native
     American beadwork, Native American weaving, sculpture.
7.        Minor Automotive repair technician.

8.        Small engine repair technician.

9.        Tractor and heavy equipment operator (backhoe, front-end loader, bull dozer,
      box blade, brush hog).

10.      Forklift operator.

11.      Experienced Petroleum Plant operator, Catalyst Cracking Unit.

12.      Experienced pump and motor technician.

13.      Professional Driver:  18 wheel tractor-trailers, limousine, any and all automobiles.
      Currently possess a Class A commercial drivers license with Haz Mat Endorsement.

14.      Survivalist- Knowledgeable in wild foods, and medicinal plants.  Water gathering
      techniques, shelter construction, and essential knowledge necessary to survive in a
      wilderness environment.

15.      Natural and Cultural resource interpretation:  Development and implementation of written
      and oral programs for a diverse audience.  Audiences diversified in age, race and cultural

16.      Experienced tug boat operator and deckhand.

17.      Photographer.

18.      Owner operator of offshore fishing charter boat.  (33 ft cabin cruiser).

19.      Archeologist Experience:  Volunteer with Center for Archeological Research on
      Archeological Survey of Government Canyon State
      Natural Area.

      As an Employee of Texas Parks and Wildlife, have conducted numerous
      archeological surveys on State Park property.  Survey work including but not
      limited to site Identification, establishment of site boundaries, Collection of
      samples, recording and documentation, Lithics identification, shovel testing, soil
      sample Collection, GPS and mapping of sites.

20.      Anthropology Experience:  Internship at University of Texas at San Antonio-
      Qualitative Analysis of Ethnographic data gathered On Mexican, Mexican
      American, and Native American Traditional healers.  
      Harvard University research on Health Insurance in the U.S.
      Research on Health/diet of Mexican-Americans in Texas.
      Study of Diabetes among Mexican-Americans and Native American populations.

21.      Sales/marketing:  Have written and performed in commercials for Television, and
      Radio.  Designed and written brochures, business cards, logos,
      Company emblems, mailers, flyers, etc.  Have performed all aspects of sales from
      cold calls to group presentations. Writing and negotiating contracts with all levels
      of clients from individuals to corporations.
      Experienced in New and Used Car Sales (2006 Lincoln Mercury Salesman of the Year)
      Experienced in New Homes Sales (2007 Fieldstone Homes Top Salesman of the Year}

22.      Law Enforcement Officer:  Approximately 20 years experience conducting law
      Enforcement operations.

23.      Entrepreneur-   Founder of eight separate corporations:  Served as Director for
      numerous corporations. Served as Executive Officer for numerous corporations.
      Performed as Manager of numerous corporations.
      Founder/manager of numerous small businesses.

24.      Private Investigator:   17 years conducting investigations in:
      Civil, Criminal, Domestic, Insurance, Accident, Personal Injury, Corporate.

25.      Canine Trainer:  17 years experience training and handling all breeds
      of canines in the following areas:
      Basic Obedience
      Advanced Obedience
      Personal Protection
      Detector Dogs
      Guard Dogs

26.      Canine Importer/Exporter.

27.      Security professional:  Over 20 years experience in the Security Industry.
       Personal Protection
       Area Protection Canines
       Man/Canine Patrols
       Narcotic Searches
       Security Consultant

28.       Expert Witness:  Testified as an expert witness in cases involving the following:
       Criminal liability, Civil liability, Malpractice, Security.

29.       Undercover/Covert Investigations – 4 years deep undercover experience with law
       enforcement agencies.  17 years covert investigations: including but
       not limited to surveillance, video, still photo, electronic surveillance.

30.       Furniture repair and restoration.

31.       Warehouse manager:  Wholesale music industry- records, tapes, & CD’s.
       Inventory control, stocking, order pulling, packaging, and Shipping.

32.       Maintenance Supervisor – General maintenance experience. Commercial
       buildings.  School District property, Texas State Property.

33.       Experienced Hunter and Tracker- Specializing in Texas hunting, and trapping of
       all sizes and types of animals and fowl. Routinely served as animal tracker for
       Texas Parks and Wildlife Department during Public Hunts.

34.       Experienced Fisherman- Freshwater and saltwater fishing and education expert.
       Have developed, implemented and assisted with educational interpretive programs
       in the area of freshwater fishing.

35.       Horticulturist- Experienced gardener, knowledgeable in soil and composting
       techniques, mulching, and planting strategies.  Specializing in Organic, and
       chemical free gardening solutions.  Special knowledge in Native American
       gardening techniques, and Aquaponics.

36.       Musician- Experienced Drummer and percussionist.  Have performed in large and
       small band venues.  Music ranging from Jazz, rock, country, easy listening, heavy
       metal, and blues.

37.       Computer Skills:  25 years experience working with computers.  Internet    applications,
       web design and application, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, KOVA, BMS, SPSS,
       QSR N5, Power point, Scanners, Adobe and easily adaptable to any application.

38.       Office equipment: Experienced with a variety of makes and models of office equipment.
       Copiers, typewriters, phone systems, fax, scanners, printers and calculators.

39.  U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Lock and Dam Operator.

40.  U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Certified Small Watercraft Operator.

41.  OSHA certified in Industrial Safety.